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Cows have Best Friends

Self-initiated project in progress

Being diplomatic is one of the most important traits of being an Art Director. You have to make sure that everyone in your design team is happy with their roles and everyone is being treated fairly. I like to look out for contraversial campaigns that devide public opinion and try to provide a solution that makes both public happy while successfully maintaining the business objective. 


The Problem

A Go Vegan poster caused a debate in Cork after a mother claimed her children had been left traumatized after seeing a poster which showed a little girl leading a lamb into a slaughter house alongside the lines to the popular Nursery Rhyme 'Mary had a little Lamb'. Children have boundless empathy for animals so this incident caused big debate amongst parents in the area. There was also complaints from the meat-eating public, declaring that they felt under attack because of their dietary choices.

The Idea

Cows have best friends.

This fact is non-judgmental, non accusatory and has no imagery of an animal under stress. It's up to the viewer what he or she takes from it. It is intended to gently alter our humancentric perspective, we are not the only ones on this planet that are capable of emotions such as empathy and attachment. Animals experience the same feelings we do. Whether the reaction is surprise, enlightenment or guilt is entirely up to the viewer.

2 further billboards to follow

©2018 - 2020 Mimi Seery

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