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Peter Mc Verry Trust

Outdoor Print / Ambient

Self-initiated Concept


The problem

Homelessness in Ireland. The housing and homeless charity The Peter Mc Verry Trust has declared that politicians and policymakers need to recognize that empty homes can immediately alleviate the country’s housing crisis, stating that "The quickest and most efficient way of making more homes available is to get empty homes back into use”.

The idea
This concept is a collaboration with the Reuse Dublin App. Reusing Dublin is a campaign platform for The Peter McVerry Trust to map and track vacant and derelict property by the public. Once this data is gathered, it is passed onto the Peter Mc Verry Trust, which then conducts research into ownership of the building and aquiring permissions to restore and finally lease out to families in need. To gather support (donations and awareness) for The Peter Mc Verry Trust I decided to create a different type of outdoor campaign using estate agent signs as a canvas. Once The Peter Mc Verry Trust has permission to go ahead with renovations these signs will be placed onsite for the public to be made aware of the charity and to witness a derelict building being restored from start to a finished home. 

©2022 Mimi Seery

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