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I See You

Public Art Installation Created for Earth Day 2022

at Athlone Civic Centre Green and presented at

Earth Rising at the Irish Museum of Modern Art


I See You (2022)

Acrylic mirror on plywood

I See You is inspired by the African philosophy of Ubuntu - the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity.


The title is inspired by the Bantu languages of Africa. Bantu speakers do not have the greeting “Hello” in their language, instead they say “Sawa Bona” (I See You). To which the response is “Sikhona!” (I am here!). In choosing these words, they continually bring each other into existence. Once we truly see someone, they become real.

Seeing oneself reflected in a mirrored silhouette of another human being not only connects us with the artwork, but to ourselves, the sky above us and the earth beneath us. It intends to create a shift in how we think about ourselves, how we see each other, and how we view every other living thing on the planet by viewing all elements as a collective whole.

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Accompanying creative workshop for Crinniu na nOg, Link me in!


©2022 Mimi Seery

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