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1 in 3 Hearts

Outdoor Interactive / Ambient / Print
ICAD Upstarts Brief

Concept Logo for Print and Merchandise

Sketchwork for Ciggarette Disposal Unit

hero image 1 in 3.jpg
Self-initiated Concept

The Problem

Ireland ranks 35th in the league table showing countries in Europe and central Asia with diet related heart disease deaths. A staggering 1 in 3 deaths in Ireland are caused by Heart Disease. 

The Idea

To spread awareness I decided to create a campaign that included interactive, outdoor and print mediums.

ashtray on wall.jpg

Interactive cigarette disposal unit

The concept of the cigarette disposal bin comes from the fact that we are the ones who are responsible for our heart health, not just 'the luck of the draw'.

The disposal unit would have an interactive feel as the only area that you can dispose of your cigarette is through the heart shaped opening, reminding people that each cigarette you smoke damages your heart.

heart for bin.jpg

Outdoor Campaign

beer-matts-together 2.jpg

Drink Coasters

Not intended to put punters off their pints.

Everyone should know how to perform CPR.

©2022 Mimi Seery

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