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I am currently working on another project concering the loneliness epidemic that is currently sweeping the world at an alarming rate. Social isolation and lack of meaningful connections (connections without the use of technology) very sadly effects the open call dynamic 15-24 year olds in a huge way. Our new technology is not of course the source of all our problems, technology has infinate ammonts of benefits - but the way in which we use it to socialise on a daily basis has to change to maintain good mental health. 

My project relates to the open call under the subject matters of Connection - particularly a slipping sence of belonging caused by overload of entertainment and social media connections. Perception - thoughts and the importance of using ones imagination and insights into ones own mind is key to maintaining positive mental health. If you do not pay attention to how uniquely your own mind works and investigate how valuable your insights are then self regulating your emotions to a state of positive mental health is impossible.

Being presented with a world such of being with ourselves through daydreaming and self contemplation is almost feared, the fear of missing out overtakes any urges of self discovery which is so important to mental wellbeing. We become lost, preferring to bask in the warm glow of being consistently enlightened with a touch of a button.

The project combines philosophy, spirituality, art, technology and of course, a visual pun to entertain!

The interative element is presented to encourage and empower empathy within oneself and prevent illness such as the sence of isolation and depression.

 I have singled out social isolation caused by our technologies as a contributor to depression and isolation. Both of which are a trigger for mental illness.One of the key triggers of depression is lack of insight about oneself 

I wanted to use the absolute minimum materials to get the maximum power of the message to get across

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