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Agency: Publicis


Get first year students to travel by train for the duration of their time in college under the theme of using the train as 'Time Better Spent' than on other transport.

Using the train as a social hub, a group of first year students catch up on the craic 
that was had during their first week in college - Freshers Week. They have been chained to a timetable all week. Once onboard its time for them to chill out, share stories and have some ‘Tabletime’ on the train...


I used the comedy programme much loved by students ‘The Inbetweeners’  as my basis for the tone of the advertisement. The Inbetweeners characters are a coming-of-age group of students trying to make sence of the world in the most un-pc fashion possible.


Print Campaign

Two of four 'taster' posters to be used keeping with ‘The Inbetweeners’ theme carried on from advert.

2 posters.jpg

Social Media

Competition launches for best (or most bizarre) college night out stories with the winners receiving 1 year free travel with Iranroid Eireann and on-board catering vouchers for runners up. 

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