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Museum of Miniature Public Art

Project created as part of Artist residency at Abbey Road Studios, Athlone.

Promoted and supported by Luan Gallery and Re-Vision Belfast Festival online

IMG-20200516-WA0011 copy.jpg

The Museum of Miniature Public Art (2020)

The Museum of Miniature Public Art was created to highlight the importance of art in times of crisis. Due to Covid restictions the public had to resort mainly to online virtual exhibitions.


The difference between the M.M.P.A. and other online exhibitions is that instead of simply viewing the work online, the public were invited to do a mandatory meditation to unlock their imagination before entering. Using the power of imagination, the public were to be immersed in this miniature world where time, space and lockdown no longer existed. They are there, their friends and family are there and and they are all together in this world, fully immersed in the art they are viewing.

You are the woman in the red dress.

All artwork depicted are responses as the year unfolded. Some scenes were to encourage mental wellbeing under social isolation, other scenes were personal responses to the environmental atmosphere at that time.

This is Temporary for Wix.jpg

This Is Temporary (April)

1 min stop animation film. Artificial grass and wooden letterforms. 


You Have Value (May)

Mirrored card on foam board

Me We .jpg

Me, We (June)

Clay letterforms

Response to Black Lives Matter protests.

Poem by Muhammad Ali


In Praise of Shadows (July)

Paper and card on Foam Board

This miniature was brought into reality in 2021 at Athlone Civic Centre, supported and funded by Creative Ireland and Westmeath County Council.


Hey Seery, OK Google (August)

Card on Foam Board


Focus on the Present (September)

Card on Foam Board

full bottle sparkling finished.jpg
star child finished .jpg

Still Life (October)

Miniature figurines, hand sanitising gel

Second lockdown

©2022 Mimi Seery

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