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Irish Heart Foundaton

ICAD Upstarts Brief

All Upstarts briefs are assigned by an agency with a deadline of just one week to complete a full campaign

Agency: Boys and Girls

Animated Film / Activation / Print

The Problem

Target 20 - 35 year olds. Young people don't take note of heart disease. They feel that heart disease is something that older people suffer from, they don't pay attention to the fact that the lifestyle choices they make now will effect their heart in the future. The objective is to educate the audience about how a continuously unhealthy lifestyle can lead to heart disease and cardiac arrest.

TV and Radio advert


To help the target audience retain maximum information about heart disease,  I first thought about the medium that should be used rather than an advert soley based on a plot.

Medium: Simple one line animation for minimal visuals, making way for the absorption of audio information more easily retained by the target audience. This short film is illustrated using a continuous flow of fluorescent light.

An investigation into the death of a young person using an eye witness account (friend) of the night in question followed by a coroner's autopsy.

Storyboard is a summary of 9 of 15 frames (with corresponding narration) of free flow animation



Wire and Loop Heart Monitor Game


This concept is a visual continuation of the animated film advert in that a free flow pumping of blood needs to be maintained to ensure normal heart health.

There would be a large scale Wire and Loop game set up in a public space. The public would be invited to contend in the Wire and Loop game for a prize. Each contender starts the game easy as the wire (artery) is thin, but as the Wire progresses it thickens, representing the plaque build up inside the arteries inner walls. Anytime the loop hits the thickening 'artery' it buzzes, reminding us that this would be the stage that a heart attack may happen.

library heart.jpg

Promotional Poster Campaign Sample

For presentation in school and college canteens and student doctor clinics. 

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