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ICAD Upstarts Brief

All Upstarts briefs are assigned by an agency with a deadline of just one week to complete a full campaign

Agency: BBDO Dublin


The Problem

ONE is a charity for Irish ex-servicemen who have fallen on hard times. These ex-servicemen end up homeless on the streets where a number have died. The objective is to help keep the lights on and the door open in ONE centres across the country to save these ex-servicemen's lives.

The idea

One off film advert

The Irish National Anthem was created as a dedication to all Irish soldiers, whether it be in a Rising or in U.N. peacekeeping. I decided to use the first verse of this dedication to narrate what it means to be a serviceman in combat compared to what it means to be an ex-serviceman living on the streets.

English translation of the Irish National Anthem
an anthem for unsung hero's.png

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