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Storyboards are great fun to work at. You would think that characters personalities are decided at script stage but this is far from the truth. At storyboard stage you begin to see another side of the characters as you draw them - their attitudes. Below are 3 of my favourites.

student train travel storyboard
chineese plate storyboard


Get first year students to travel by train for the duration of their time in college under the theme of using the train as 'Time Better Spent' than on other transport.

Using the train as a social hub, a group of first year students catch up on the craic that was had during their first week in college - Freshers Week. They have been chained to a timetable all week. Once onboard its time for them to chill out, share stories and have some ‘Tabletime’ on the train...

Based on a true story (Cheers Mike!)

The Problem

The objective is to educate the audience (18-35 year olds) about how a continuously unhealthy lifestyle can lead to heart disease and cardiac arrest.


To help the target audience retain maximum information about heart disease,  I first thought about the medium that should be used rather than an advert soley based on a plot.

Medium: Simple one line animation for minimal visuals, making way for the absorption of audio information more easily retained by the target audience. This short film is illustrated using a continuous flow of fluorescent light.

An investigation into the death of a young person using an eye witness account (friend) of the night in question followed by a coroner's autopsy.

Storyboard is a summary of 9 of 15 frames (with corresponding narration) of free flow animation

The Problem

None! This is an exercise I practice on a regular basis to continuously strengthen both storytelling and drawing skills. The exercise is simply to pick a random object in the room that you're in and create a short story using a 9 frame storyboard without dialogue.

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